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Union 50 -- Indianapolis, IN

We were staying with my eldest daughter and her family this week in Fishers IN, and we decided to do a date night in the city. Brad booked us a glamorous hotel and I made a reservation at Union 50. I found the restaurant on the VisitIndy webpage and it was included in the top locally owned restaurants.

Union 50 is in an old Union Hall built in 1950. We were unsure at first because it looked deserted from the outside and guests have to walk down an eclectic alley to find the front door, which is always fun. The high ceilings, the 1950’s painted ceramic tiles, and steel and pipe fittings all pay homage to its origins and creates a playful ambiance.

We took the recommendation from the reviews and started with a Grand Charcuterie Board. A selection of three meats, three cheeses, breads, and two extras. The Wagyu Beef Salami and the Habanero Monterey Jack were my favorites, while Brad loved the Fra’ Mani Rosemary Ham.

Brad ordered the special: Duck Confit served on a bed of corn cheese bake and crostini with a healthy schmear of pate, and topped with a blackberry reduction sauce. He devoured it and raved about how it reminded him of Thanksgiving. I had the much simpler East Street Salad, and although lovely and light, it was more appropriate as a starter and not as a main, as they intended it to be a starter.

We skipped dessert planning to find an ice cream shop when we walked back to the hotel, but alas we missed them if there were any.

Union 50 5/5, $$$