Hunter Street Press released a debut novel in 2019, the sequel in the fall of 2020, and a guided journal in 2021

Brave Women at Work: Stories of Resilience launched in September 2022 and Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Confidence launched August 2023.

Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Leadership eBook launch April 30, 2024 and print book launch June 25, 2024!

We did it! Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Leadership achieved #1 Amazon Bestseller and #1 Hot New Release in multiple categories! Thank you for your support!

All six Hunter Street Press publications achieved #1 Amazon Bestseller status

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Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Leadership

Entertaining, inspiring, and soulful - this is the leadership book we all need.

This group of impactful leaders came together to share their stories and impart their hard-fought wisdom. The techniques and approaches women need to be successful leaders are often different from those of their male counterparts. Through trial, error, and setbacks, these women reflected on their hurdles, and then got to work to overcome those challenges. These executives and industry leaders provide a recipe for leadership, discuss how to lead as an introvert, and describe learnings important for the development of your own brand of leadership. Through their concerted efforts, these women are improving the professional environment.

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Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Confidence

Believing in oneself and being confident is the foundation upon which success in business and personal lives is constructed. While building their confidence these women tackle doubt, depression, anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, uncertainty, and more. Each author forged their own path to confidence by setting aside fears and embracing their personal and professional power. This book provides the encouragement and motivation for you to grow your confidence and step into your greatest success and fulfillment.


Brave Women at Work: Stories of Reslience

A group of powerful women share their experiences in Brave Women at Work, Stories of Resilience. Success in business, and in their personal lives, is accomplished through perseverance, drive, and action. These women overcome a range of obstacles to create their optimal lives. They battle challenges in their careers, their health, and they wrestle with burnout and the enormity of childrearing. Each author shows us there is a well of resilience within us that can be tapped and deployed to overcome staunch difficulties. This book is a source of motivation and encouragement, proving that when you embrace your full-self unbridled joy follows.

Being a contributing author on the Brave Women at Work: Stories of Resilience book project under the leadership of Hope Mueller and Jennifer Pestikas was very rewarding. As a previously published author, the attention to detail and ability to meet each of the co-authors at our place of need and experience was appreciated and meaningful. Hope and Jennifer were professional and transparent throughout the process which helped to build trust. They were so creative and innovative in providing resources and tools to set us up for success from social media copy and graphics to a virtual author event. I highly recommend Hope Mueller (Hunter Street Press) as a collaborative partner.” Yalonda Brown

Authors have been selected for Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Leadership. Authors are now being selected for Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Letting Go. Contact Hope Mueller for more information.


Become: An Inspirational Journal

Goal setting is not the answer to all of life's complications and hardships. It is a process to help focus your desires and efforts to create the life you want. Goal setting allows you to reflect, to be conscious about your choices, and helps prioritize your time and attention. This guided journal is intended to help you create a life of your dreams. A life of your design. An opportunity for you to Become.


Counting Hope: From Conflict to Confidence

In her memoir sequel, we follow Hope Mueller's journey into adulthood as she unwittingly recreates the dark, chaotic world she was attempting to escape. As Hope finishes college, she digs herself out of drug addiction and an abusive relationships to ensure her survival. She charges forward to build a better life for herself and her two daughters. Hope reveals the most painful and intimate events of her life while remaining positive and illustrating an unwavering motivation to improve her circumstances and discover her true worth.


Hopey: From Commune to Corner Office

Hopey chronicles the story of a courageous girl in a '70s Southern Indiana commune, complete with flowers for dinner, a ball of acid in the freezer, and orgies on the living room floor. The chaos of her formative years, which are littered with violent episodes, periods of hunger and assaults, leads Hope to set off on her own at the age of fifteen.

Written as intense past moments, reflective chapters, and flash-forwards, these three voices come together to transcend time and connect the past and the present. Honest and raw, with no request for empathy or complaint, the book is a celebration of the human spirit and an exhilarating read. Hopey is a reminder that we can love, we can believe, and we, too, can be successful beyond all expectations--if we only dare to hope.