Hunter Street Press offers line editing, ghost writing, and strategic story telling services to aspiring authors.                                                  To get started contact Hope at:

What do you get with our editing services?

· An experienced professional partner, committed, and engaged in the delivery of your dream manuscript

· A well-crafted manuscript

· A piece with a clear arc and flow that is highly readable and engaging throughout

· A consistent voice, style, and composition throughout the piece

· Project management of manuscript composition

· Timeline, due dates, and process to support and drive completion of the piece

· Education on publishing pathways and process

· Networking and connections to copy editors, marketing partners, and other authors

· A book the author is proud to share with family, friends, and the world!


Line Editing

We think of line editing as ‘co-authorship’. Line editing is a comprehensive line-by-line tightening of a manuscript. The line editor partners closely with the author to gain alignment, challenge the work/language/story, and ensures the final work is stellar story-telling quality. Your Hunter Street Press line editing partner employs a targeted focus on readability, voice, and consistency throughout the piece. Line editing services are for those authors who have a written manuscript and are interested in improving the work for story arc, reader engagement, clarity, flow, evenness, and style.

Estimated cost: between $0.048 and 0.12/word depending on the quality and completeness of manuscript, and author directional clarity


Ghost Writing

Ghost writing service is for authors who need significant help in composition of their manuscript. These authors may have a concept, a portion of a manuscript, or can give voice to their vision, but for a myriad of reasons are seeking help with the writing of the piece. Ghost writing requires a close partnership with author and the ghost writer. The Hunter Street Press ghost writer will find the author's voice, shape their story, and ultimately deliver the author’s dream of publication.

Estimated cost: between $0.24 and $0.42/word depending on existing materials and author directional clarity

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Strategic Story Telling Services

Strategic story telling support is an author’s best friend. This service allows first time, or long time, authors to partner with a professional to improve the quality of their manuscript without any editing or writing support. This professional shares insights and experiences, reads, reviews, and comments on Work(s)-In-Progress (WIP), networks, and supports the author to compose the manuscript of their dreams and helps them achieve the dream of publication.

Estimated cost: hourly rate or bid by project

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