The Prisoner Wine Tasting Room

A last minute add to our itinerary, we only booked one tasting a day, The Prisoner Wine Tasting Room was a fabulous finish to the weekend. We booked it because we are mad fans of their decently priced red blend, and although the sommeliers at the other wineries seemed to poo-poo Prisoner, other people we met said it was worth a visit.

Prisoner prides themselves on not being the typical Napa experience and the goth environs definitely set them apart. Quickly greeted, even though we were early, they sat us and were welcomed by best sommelier of the weekend.

Cedric walked us through the tasting, it was not paired with food, but even the complimentary kettle chips and onion dip were a change up from more traditional crispy breadsticks or waffers. The white Pinot Noir and the red Pinot Noir twins to start, were an interesting twist and they have the best names and labels. Followed by big reds, then closed with a red wine whisky crossover. The red wine whisky was a fat cab with a whisky finish.

We talked shop with Cedric who is in school, working as a sommelier by day and a computer programmer/developer by night. Brad and he exchanged IT jargon while I sipped the red whisky crossover. We got his email and will introduce him to folks, I may not know IT, but I know talent and Cedric has it.

We did not join the club, nothing we couldn’t live without (although a bottle of red wine whisky crossover might be nice to have). Reservations required. Bottles range from $25-120. If you are looking for an atypical Napa experience, then Prisoner is your spot.

The Prisoner Tasting Room 4/5