The harpeth lobby.jpg

The Harpeth, Hilton Curio Portfolio

The Harpeth is a Curio Hilton Property nestled on a shaded side street downtown Franklin. I was there to coordinate a two-day workshop professional event, and the property was lovely enough to share with you.

Easy to find, the gas lanterns always lit welcome you with warm ambiance. The valet was gracious, as has been my experience in the south, and I was treated with extra care. They helped unload the heap of supplies and the valet was cheaper than the self-park option for the duration of my stay.

The mid-century modern library-like lobby and reception was gorgeous while still being comfortable. I was quickly checked in and there was no hesitation when I required a change to the reservation. I hustled to my room to spend the evening preparing for my facilitation responsibilities.

The room was fashionably classic with warm colors, contemporary bathroom amentinies, and scrumptious bedding. Room service of brussel sprouts and a salad with pickled strawberries, toasted garbanzo beans, avocado, and a tasty vinaigrette helped me stay focused on the task at hand. Delivered by a female, which I find commonly at hotels, who was efficient and kind. She reminded me to not work too hard, then left me to the pile of giant sticky paper and markers.

The workshop support was incredible and the food near perfection. Throughout the two days the attendees repeatedly raved about the food, the bedding, and how beautiful the rooms were. If you travel for work frequently you know that that the hotel conference food is usually only serviceable and we agreed it was the best conference hotel food we had enjoyed — ever.

During an afternoon breakout two of my teams used the sunny, but still cool, courtyard to work on their group assignments. And it was a great place for me to escape for a fifteen minute meal and mental refresh as I prepped for the closing activities.

After the first night, and dinner at The Red Pony, we retired to the lobby lounge and enjoyed a nightcap amongst the voguish books, fireplace, and couches.

I look forward to staying there again, unrelated to work, to fully relish and enjoy our stay.

The Harpeth 5/5, $$$