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Coral Pink Sand Dune Utah State Park

The park was an hour from our weekend home base, halfway there all cell, gps, and wifi service dropped — we were officially off grid. We booked the early ATV tour and were the first family to arrive. We piled into the four person side-by-side (channeling the Lutz and Rasper families) to bounce and fishtail around in vast soft sand dunes and on tricky, twisty trails.

Explored a slot rock canyon. The Wave is popular and near impossible to get in, this is an incredible second and easy to gain entry, and gives you a sense of how magnificent The Wave must be.

Finished the tour with sand sledding and surfing. Tour guides- local, family owned, friendly, and fun.

Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park Utah 5/5, Park Entrance $, ATV Tour $$$