Celadon on the RiverWalk

The ambiance is wild perfection. You walk down a lonely alley, sure you are in the wrong place, then enter into a lush greenery covered path. A swinging gate to enter, thankful we made reservations because even early a line formed.

We had mussels in a lovely white wine broth, that managed to be both light and creamy. We like appetizers so we also had the beef carpaccio which was topped with a mess of arugula and sweet dots of balsamic dressing. The beef was so thinly sliced it clung to the plate and ended up being more of a salad than a starter.

For our shared main we had the nights special, halibut with mash potatoes and bell pepper purée. The halibut was crispy and fine, but slightly over cooked.

We paired it, in an absolute no-no, with a medium bodied smooth old-vine Zinfandel, Baile Black Chicken. We know whites go with fish but we partially selected this wine because of the name. 5/5 would buy again.

The waiter was gracious enough to bring us a kettle of hot water so we could collect the label for our bar top project.

Celadon 4/5, $$$