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Boon Fly Cafe

First off — what a fantastic name! The waitress at Bounty Hunter recommended it as her favorite breakfast place. It is a short drive from the city and sits on the property of Carneros Resort and Spa, which we explored after we ate.

We immediately got seated. The coffee was strong and served in sturdy, cute red cups. We ordered one donut, a breakfast burrito, and Brad’s coveted and, their specialty, eggs Benedict.

The donut order came out with two large donut hole delights. They were sugared, soft in the middle and after having one each we debated ordering the dozen.

The burrito was enormous and packed full of hash browns, eggs, chorizo, cheese, onion, and I added avocado. The eggs Benedict was simple perfection, the thinly sliced ham was savory and the hollandaise was fresh made.

The restaurant property was almost as much fun as the food. The red barn exterior, porch swings, and rocking chairs welcomed visitors to stay awhile. Reasonably priced our bill was $65 before tip.

Boon Fly Breakfast 4.5/5, $$

We then walked the Carneros Resort and Spa property. The property held several restaurants, a market, gorgeous pool, beautiful grounds, and breathtaking views. The rooms were stand alone tiny houses and Brad peered over the fence to see hot tubs and lounge chairs in the back yards. Website reports the rooms range between $600-850/night.